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M.D., Cornell University

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Dr. James Conway is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health, where he serves as Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program Director and Director of the Office of Global Health, as well as Medical Director for UW Health Immunization Programs. He is responsible for coordinating global health educational programs involving health professional students at UW-Madison, and oversight of international programs in the UW School of Medicine & Public Health.

Dr. Conway has spent much of his career working to improve immunization systems and address vaccine hesitancy in the US and abroad.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, where he serves as a Global Sustainability advisor, and received an AAP Special Achievement Award in 2009 for his global immunization projects and another in 2016 for HPV advocacy.  He is a member of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Vaccine Advocacy Committee and has served on the American Board of Pediatrics- SubBoard of Pediatric Infectious Diseases since 2018 and elected Chair for 2022-23.

His most recent project involves serving as a Technical and Global Sustainability Advisor for a collaborative program between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers of Disease Control, working to simultaneously strengthen pediatric professional societies and immunization programs in over a dozen high priority countries in Africa and Asia.

He has served on the UW System & UW- Madison Emergency Operations Committees as well as the State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee on COVID-19 vaccines since early in the pandemic. He also has been a scientific advisor to healthcare and public health organizations regionally and internationally, while working on an array of COVID-19 vaccine development projects.

Select Publications:

  1. Global health electives in the COVID-19 era: resuming travel and strengthening global health academic partnerships 
  2. Beyond Summer 2020: Safety Abroad in a Recovering World
Updated 06/11/22